Simple Halloween Inspired Ghost Cookie Recipe

Photo Courtesy: Butter with a side of Bread/Pinterest;
Are you wondering what spooky treats you can enjoy this Halloween? Are you a treat lover? Today I am going to be sharing a great Halloween inspired easy ghost cookie recipe from Butter with a side of Bread on Pinterest!

Simply Just Three Ingredients Needed!

  1. Milano cookies
  2. Mini chocolate chips
  3. Almond bark or white chocolate chips

WARNING! Please keep in mind while you are dipping the Milano cookies into the the white chocolate it will be hot! This may cause you cookie to melt if you aren’t careful enough while decorating it!

Once you have completed the front side of the Milano cookie with the white chocolate layer, flip it over gently with a fork or toothpick and start layering the other side of the cookie. When you are ready apply the 2 chocolate chips as the eyes of the ghost, and one chocolate chip for the ghost’s mouth!

Repeat these steps with all the Milano cookies and store it in a container and pop it into the fridge for 3-4 days! I hope you enjoy their recipe that is provided on their website and I hope you enjoyed today’s blog!

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