A Harry Potter Theme Park Is Planned To Open In Tokyo

Photo Courtesy: Tokyo Cheapo
Today I have a great news for Harry Potter fans across the world!  There is a rumor in the air about potential opening Harry Potter-based theme park in Tokyo.

The Warner Brothers Company announced to the Press that this exciting project could be completed by 2023, although it is still uncertain if and when this may happen.  The theme park will include tours of behind the scenes, giving guests a look at movie sets and props from Harry Potter.

This new addition to Tokyo may also feature some similar aspects to the very popular “Wizzarding World of Harry Potter” located at Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida.

The park is planned to cover approximately 30,000 sq (square miles). And…this new park, just as many other themed parks, will add many special and fun areas themed after the mystical creatures we all know and love!

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