What To Expect at Walt Disney World in 2020

Walt Disney World had to close to the public this past spring due to the unexpected Coronavirus Pandemic. Many fans were very disappointed and couldn’t wait for the reopening of their favorite theme park in Florida! Despite the fact that many Disney employees collected thousands of signatures to delay the reopening of the Walt Disney World Resort, the theme park have reopened on July 11-15.

When the theme parks has reopened for the first time in months, many guidelines have implemented for the guests health and safety. All four theme parks now require face masks, physical distancing, temperature checks at entry. Sanitation stations and plexiglass borders were added to the queues of every attraction.

Throughout Disney World parks you can find few relaxation stations  where guests can utilize to remove their face masks and relax for a couple of minutes.

Every restaurant in Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom have implemented strict policies to limit virus spread and keep all guests and employees healthy. For instance, guests are only allowed to sit at every other table, and choose meal from a disposable menu.  Masks can be removed only while eating or drinking.

Even though, there are many strict guidelines enforced, don’t get discouraged and remember that Walt Disney World will always be the most magical place on Earth!

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