Top 10 Attractions in Adventure Island Tampa

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There are many theme park and waterpark fans across the United States who love to travel to different waterparks and are wondering what to do next! Adventure Island is the Busch Gardens Tampa waterpark and is the largest waterpark in Tampa, Florida! If you are wondering which waterslides are the best or which to try out for the first time, your in the right place! Today I will be discussing the Top 10 Attractions in Adventure Island Tampa!

Solar Vortex

Solar Vortex is one of the newest addition to the Adventure Island waterpark. Solar Vortex is a family raft high-thrill style waterslide that seats up to four guests at a time and features many turns, rotations, bright elements. While guests ride this attraction, they have the chance to slide and experience many of the unique bright and colorful patterns along the way.

Colossal Curl

Colossal Curl is a high-thrill family raft waterslide that sits up to four and is the EXACT same Colossal Curl that waterpark fans can find located at Water Country USA in Williamsburg. Guests have to walk up several flights of stairs before reaching the top of the waterslide and are weighed before they get on their family raft. Sliders go through many tubes until they drop several feet down with a great splash! This is not a great attraction for those with fear of heights or thrill attractions.

Vanish Point

Vanish Point is a thrill based waterslide that is located 70-feet high and is NOT an attraction for younger children or anybody that has a fear of heights. Trust me! It’s better to not go on it at all, than getting a panic attack when it’s too late! Vanish Point is the exact same model you are able to find at Water Country USA in Virginia. Guests have to walk up multiple flights of stairs as well, and when you stand on the tube the floor slides away from your feet and drops you 70 feet down until you get splashed with a lot of water! All I can say is that this attraction is definitely not for me.

Aruba Tuba

Aruba Tuba is a double-seater raft waterslide. Grab a family member or best friend because this slide is a combination of an incredible journey, where you enter a completely dark enclosed slide  and race to the bottom at super-fast speeds. I don’t recommend this to smaller children who might be afraid of the dark, but I absolutely recommend this attraction to anybody who enjoys fast and enclosed waterslides.

Malibu Moccasin

Malibu Moccasin is similar to Malibu Pipeline at Water Country USA. Malibu Moccasin is a triple-tube body waterslide and doesn’t include any water rafts. On these waterslides, you go through a few turns until you reach the pool with a great splash! I really recommend this attraction for all age groups!

Rip Tide

If you enjoy racing waterslides this is an attraction for you! The Rip Tide waterslide is a mat waterslide where guests grab their mats, lay down on their stomachs, and race friends or family down the hilly slide until you reach the pool at the bottom!

Calypso Coaster

This is a two-seater raft waterslide with many twists, turns, and splashes! Don’t hesitate to grab you friend and get ready to start a great journey at one of the highest points in the entire waterpark! This slide will take guests through many twists and turns until they reach the end and hit the pool! This is definitely a family-friendly and very fun attraction!

Caribbean Corkscrew

You will definitely experience thrill as you slide down a body slide shaped like a corkscrew! This is a double waterslide that is completely in the dark and enclosed. You will also experience high-speeds and spiraling turns! This is a perfect attraction for thrill seeking riders!

Rambling Bayou

Rambling Bayou is the waterpark’s relaxing lazy river! This lazy river is for everyone from young children to elderly guests that want a relaxing experience as they float on donut shaped tubes through a tropical rainforest theme!

Endless Surf

Endless Surf is a giant wave pool located in the middle of the Adventure Island waterpark and is for all ages! This wave pool is very similar to the one at Water Country USA waterpark, the only difference is the theming. The pool can fit thousands of guests at a time. You and your friends can get your surf on as the surf pool begins to produce huge waves!

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