Top 10 Attractions in Water Country USA, Virginia

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Water Country USA is the largest waterpark in the State of Virginia and is home to some of the most thrilling and fun attractions to enjoy with family and friends. You can often see many upgrades and new attractions coming to the theme park as the years go by! For all the theme park & waterpark fans across the country and around the world. Today I will be recommending the Top 1o Attractions at Water Country USA in Virginia.

1. Cutback Water Coaster

Cutback Water Coaster is a new waterslide attraction that had opened to the public in 2019 as Virginia’s first hybrid water coaster. Guests enter a raft for four and ride through many sections that include: “Flying Saucer” sections where the raft would loop around, and a couple of lift hills that would launch you fast. This is definitely a fun experience if you enjoy a nice thrill and fast waterslide!

2. Colossal Curl

If your not a fan of extremely fast and thrill waterslides than this attraction isn’t for you. However, if you try this attraction┬áI bet you will definitely SCREAM! The Colossal Curl is a thrill waterslide attraction at Water Country USA which requires you to walk 4-5 flights of stairs high, and experience flying into the air and back with up to three other friends and family members! I would advise you not to bring children that are afraid of heights or fast attractions on this waterslide.

3. Aquazoid

The Aquazoid waterslide is a family raft ride that seats up to four. When you will in the raft you experience some twists, turns, waterfalls in the dark, and a lot of splashing! This is definitely a relaxing attraction if you don’t mind getting dunked with water.

4. Surfer’s Bay

If you are a guest that loves to get wet and hit the waves then you’re in the right place! Surfer’s Bay is a huge wave pool located in the middle of the park and centered by seating. The wave pool has life vests to ensure that younger children stay safe and do not drown. If you go past a certain line in the wave pool, you are REQUIRED to wear a life vest. But please be aware that sometimes the waves can get high and move very fast, which may cause you to bump into other people. To prevent this from happening I would try to distance from some of the crowd, if possible. Overall, Surfer’s Bay is one of the best water attractions in the park.

5. Hubba Hubba Highway

Hubba Hubba Highway is the lazy river the circles around the waterpark. It is located near the back end of the park and when in the water you use life vests to float and move around, instead of rafts bumping into each other all the time. This is quite a relaxing experience where you can just close your eyes, and move with the water. But remember to apply sunscreen!!! Sitting in the water for that long with the sun shining directly on your skin can cause burns, so when you’re trying to enjoy Hubba Hubba Highway make sure you apply sunscreen every so often.

6. Big Daddy Falls

Big Daddy Falls is quite an enjoyable waterslide! You can sit in a family raft that sits up to 4 guests, and enjoy the scenic trails when you’re sliding through the water! Big Daddy Falls features some high turns, moving at medium/high speed, and ultimately getting soaked by water splashes on your way down the slide! This attraction is a great way to end your day at Water Country USA!

7. Wild Thang

Wild Thang is a two-person flume attraction, and this waterslide features some mists, water splashes, and sliding turns. Wild Thang is also the perfect waterslide to view the natural scenery around the attraction just like when you slide down Big Daddy Falls. Wild Thang is a medium thrill waterslide, that is perfect for you and your friend to enjoy during the day when you spend your time at Water Country USA.

8. Vanish Point

Vanish Point is a single-rider waterslide that stands directly next door to the new Cutback Water Coaster that had opened in 2019. Guests have to walk up a few flights of stairs to be greeted with a colorful tube that goes into a slide. You would then slide down from a high level super fast, and be greeted by a HUGE splash of water at the end. This ride is more for those who enjoy the thrill, but personally, this isn’t my favorite.

9. Rampage

Ramage is by far definitely a thrilling waterslide! You slide down from pretty high up, and at a very fast pace. You slide down on a single-rider surfboard raft as your splash your way down into the pool at the end! Rampage is an attraction for those who seek thrill, but I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children that have never been to a waterpark before.

10. Malibu Pipeline

Malibu Pipeline is a 2-seater water slide located around a lot of beautiful nature scenery. On Malibu Pipeline, guests slide down a large indoor black slide with glow in the dark strips and glowing colors! It’s quite an experience for anybody to enjoy if you are a fan of waterslides! Personally, I enjoyed this attraction and think you should try it as well!



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