Everything Coming To Disney Plus in May 2022


This month you can expect to see new episodes of Disney+ original series like Moon Knight on Wednesdays, as well as new films including Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers and We Feed People join the Disney+ library on Fridays.

Let’s get into it!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not yet a complete list of everything coming to Disney+ in the United States in May 2022.  New Disney series or film release dates may vary, and will be added to this list as soon as possible!

Original =+


  • Moon Knight – Season Finale +
  • Disney Gallery: The Book of Boba Fett +
  • Life Below Zero (S18)

May 6


May 11

  • The Quest (S2) +
  • Disney Junior Mira, Royal Detective – S2, 10 Episodes
  • Disney Junior The Chicken Squad – S1, 5 Episodes
  • Something Bit Me! (S1)
  • The Wizard of Paws (S2)

May 13

  • Sneakerella +

May 18

  • Disney Junior Alice’s Wonderland Bakery – S1, 5 Episodes
  • Broken Karaoke – S1, Episode 6
  • The Knights of Castelcorvo (S1) +
  • Secrets of the Zoo (S5)


  • Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers +
  • Shook


  • 8 Simple Rules (S1-2)
  • Alias (S1-5)
  • The Finder (S1)

May 25

  • Marvel Studios: Assembled – The Making of Moon Knight +
  • Gigantosaurus – S3, 8 Episodes
  • Man In The Arena: Tom Brady – Season 1 Finale
  • Raven’s Home – S5, 5 Episodes

May 27

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi – Episodes 1-2 +
  • We Feed People +
  • ESPN’s Bad Boys
  • ESPN’s D. Wade: Life Unexpected
  • Hubble’s Comic Journey
  • Mission Pluto


  • Believeland
  • This Magic Moment

These are just several of the upcoming Disney+ originals, movies, and series coming to the streaming platform throughout the month of May! You can also expect to see several other mystery releases throughout the month — keep and eye out!! If you enjoyed today’s post, please be sure to leave a comment down below and share your experience with friends or family! You can follow MWOE on Instagram @mattsworldofentertainment or Twitter @mattsworldofet for updates and more! Have a great day and I will see you all real soon!

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