What Kind of Content Does Disney+ Need?

When Disney+ launched in many countries in 2019, the Walt Disney Company officially joined the streaming wars. Alongside Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount+, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Discovery+ and Peacock, Disney+ has remained one of the top 3 streaming services worldwide over the past few years. But can Disney+ continue to compete in the streaming wars?

Let’s get into it!

What is Disney+ in the United States Missing?

  • Mature Content – PG-13, R & TV-MA Ratings

Due to Hulu, a joint venture between Comcast and The Walt Disney Company, existing in the United States, all the mature content gets dumped there instead of Disney+. On the Disney+ homepage internationally, guests are automatically greeted with “Star” that hosts all mature content. Other streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max have mature content built into their service already, with many originals being created for all ages. However, that is all about to change with parental controls being added to Disney+ in the U.S. on March 16, 2022.

  • Animation – Preschool Animation, Adult Animation & Anime

In the United States, streaming services like HBO Max have a great lineup of original animated series & shorts for preschoolers, kids & family! Netflix has a huge catalog of adult animation, anime and kids series, and in order for Disney+ to keep up they would have to start producing much more content!

WarnerMedia Pressroom
WarnerMedia Pressroom/HBO Max
  • Unscripted Series – Talk Shows, Puppetry & Game Shows/Competitions!

Many streaming services around the world have plenty of talk shows, game shows, competitions and puppetry available on their streaming services, and besides docuseries… Disney+ is clearly lacking in this section. Besides Earth to Ned, Turning The Tables, The Big Fib and Foodtastic, Disney+ needs to add more of this content… or they will have a hard time competing with other services. Just recently, Apple TV+ added a Fraggle Rock reboot, HBO Max added Sesame Street and I think Disney+ should start adding more Muppets content as well.

  • Non-English Language Series – Global Dubbed Series

With Disney+ launching in many more countries around the world in 2022, it would make sense if Disney started adding the international exclusive content on all Disney+ services worldwide with dubbed languages instead of subtitles. Many non-English series have been added to Disney+ so far, but it would be great if they released them at the same time worldwide! It would make many subscribers happy and would create a more diverse service!

What do you think should be added to Disney+ in the United States?

Overall, Disney+ in the United States is lacking mature content, animation, unscripted series international. In order for them to maintain their ranking on the top streaming lists, Disney needs to consider adding more content for all ages. If you enjoyed today’s blog, please follow me on Instagram @mattsworldofentertainment and Twitter @mattsworldofet to stay up-to-date with the latest entertainment news. I hope you have a great day and I will see you all real soon!

Photo Courtesy: Business Insider and Disney+.

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