Hong Kong Disneyland Closing for 2 Weeks Due to COVID-19 Case Surge

The COVID-19 pandemic has been lingering for a few years now, and Coronavirus cases seem to be surging all around the world rapidly due to the Omicron and other variants. Many businesses shut down for a few weeks due to these surges and in Hong Kong, Disneyland is one of them.

Let’s get into it!

Recently, The Walt Disney Company had announced that Hong Kong Disneyland would be pausing all operations and closing for two weeks due to the COVID-19 surge in Hong Kong.

Disney stated “this move was required by the government and health authorities and in line with prevention efforts taking place across Hong Kong.”

Although, the theme park is now closed for two weeks, the resorts will remain open and still operate for guests during the closure.

Hong Kong Disneyland stated “will remain open with adjusted level of services. Service at restaurants and recreation facilities in hotels will be adjusted according to the latest regulations.”

The theme park previously shut down a year ago for a few weeks and reopened in June 2020 with special precautions/guidelines put into place that kept the guests and workers both equally safe during their stay. This now marks the fourth time the theme park has closed throughout the COVID-19. So far this closure is just temporary but hopefully it will not be extended any further.

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Photo Courtesy: Disney

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