New WarnerMedia-Disney Deal Allows Disney to Share Streaming Rights With HBO Max For 2022 Searchlight Pictures/20th Century Studios Films

Recently, Disney and WarnerMedia made a deal to speed up the amount of time it takes for certain 20th Century Studios films to stream on Disney+ or Hulu. Want to hear more?

Let’s get into it!

In 2010, WarnerMedia signed a contract with at the time what was known as 20th Century Fox to stream all the Fox-produced films on HBO in the United States. And with this deal set to end in 2022, many classic 20th Century Fox titles have yet to hit the Disney streaming services, but will hopefully become available sooner than later!

Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Studios; The Walt Disney Company.

However, in an unexpected recent deal, WarnerMedia has agreed to give the Walt Disney Company shared streaming rights for the 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures films released in 2022. HBO/HBO Max will have the pay-1 window streaming exclusivity rights for half the 2022 releases. Other releases will go to Disney+ or Hulu.

Select titles such as Ron’s Gone Wrong have already been announced in the Disney+ release schedule line up, and plenty others will soon follow! These new movies could be The French DispatchAntlersWest Side Story, Nightmare Alley, The King’s Man, Deep Water, Death on the Nile or even The Bob’s Burgers Movie!

This means that select 20th Century Studios or Searchlight Pictures films will be released onto Disney+ & Hulu (in their normal schedules), but will also be available on HBO Max to stream at the same time until the end of 2022. Family-friendly films will land on Disney+, meanwhile other films will land on Star internationally and on Hulu in the United States. Then, after the original content expires next year (2022), all 20th Century Fox/Studios & Searchlight content will become available in the United States and around the world on Disney streaming platforms.

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