What To Pack For A Disney World Trip

When vacationers visit the Walt Disney World Resort for a couple of days or a week, they often wonder what they should pack to make their experience enjoyable. But that doesn’t mean you have to make packing stressful. Today I am going to breakdown what you should pack for a Disney World trip.


When you go to a hot tourist location like Orlando, Florida it is very important to pack appropriate footwear. Guests usually spend a lot of time walking or standing in the queues of the rides in the four main Disney parks. Comfortable and fitting shoes are a must when you travel to Disney. I know you may be attached to your flipflops, but leave your flipflops for when you go to the beach!

Magic Bands

Magic Bands are the new form of cardless ticketing at Disney where you reserve, scan & go!  When I first started using magic bands it was a lot easier to scan and walk-in quickly as opposed to constantly trying to look for the actual card. If you stay at one of Disney resort hotels, you can use your magic card instead of your room key. The magic band is definitely the way to go!  Especially when you travel with small children, it will make your life much easier because the little munchkins have a tendency to lose things. The magic bands are available at all Disney stores and Disney.com and they come in different colors and designs.

Sun Protection

Make sure you pack your sunscreen! You’re going to be spending a tremendous time doing outdoor activities on hot and sunny days. I have learned my lesson the hard way when I visited a Disney waterpark and was burnt because I didn’t put on enough sunscreen. Trust me, you are going to be going through many bottles of sunscreen. You should also pack your hats to protect yourself from the sun.

Cooling Devices

When traveling to a Disney park you should definitely bring your cooling devices to defeat the hot temperatures. There are many cooling devices that you may be able to find out there, and Disney provides them at small shops as well. And we all know, everyone has a family member that hates carrying their items. Instead of carrying my portable cooling fan, I was lucky enough to find a fan that hangs around my neck that keeps your hands free! You can find these portable fans at stores like Target or Walmart for about $5. Water! Water! Water! I cannot stress this enough, you will be dehydrated and thirsty! Remember you have a choice of bringing your own water or paying for water bottles at Disney for $5 each.

Face Coverings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney had to implement new guidelines for guests’ safety during the reopening. Every visitor that enters the parks are required to wear any type of face covering to prevent the spread of the disease. Disney will be selling them widely throughout the parks and you can shop at ShopDisney.com, but you can also bring your own facemask whether it is homemade, or store-bought.

Backpacks & Bags

A small bag with drawstrings, backpacks & fanny packs would work perfectly to hold the important items that you will need. Walt Disney World also offers stroller rentals, but you are welcome to bring your own fold-up stroller as well. Although, please keep in mind that every bag has to be checked by park security at the entrance.


Orlando temperatures can reach 90F degrees  in the summer months, and humid air can become very uncomfortable. Bring a bathing suit if you plan to stay at a hotel/resort or if you or your family is planning to visit a waterpark. Thunderstorms and rain are very common during the summer months in Florida.  You are able to find cheap ponchos at many stores, for so much less cost than what you would find in the parks. If you plan to visit during colder months, you may want to pack some sweatshirts or light jackets just in case, because sometimes it gets colder in Florida! Believe it or not, in December or January, the temperature may go down to 40F or even below that at night time.


When you visit Disney with your friends and family it’s always nice to have a magical experience with some accessories to add to your outfits. At Disney, you can find many shops whether around Disney Springs, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, or STARWARS Galaxy’s Edge you can always find Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears, Pins, T-Shirts, Purses, Hats and more! I know it is very tempting to shop at one of Disney’s stores, but just remember you can always find many of the same souvenirs and gadgets before you even leave your house to go on the trip. You can save 30% or more buying the same items at different stores.  But this is just my three cents!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and found it helpful for your next Disney trip with your family or friends! If you have enjoyed this blog please be sure to leave a comment with your positive feedback and suggestions!


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