New Marvel Studios Series Seems To Be In Development With Peter Cameron Producing

As you may already know, Disney+ is home to many film studios including Marvel Studios that produces Marvel TV series, films and specials based on the original Marvel Comics. Several Marvel Comics characters have already been seen in the MCU, and many have also been announced for upcoming shows on Disney+, but what about the upcoming series for Phase 4 or Phase 5 that are currently unannounced? Read more to find out!

Let’s get into it!

It has recently been discovered by several media outlets that “WandaVision” writer Peter Cameron seems to be working on a Marvel Studios project that is currently in development at Disney+, and is set to be producing the show as well.

There are several Marvel Studios shows in 10 confirmed, 9 unannounced, and several rumored series as of right now. These projects could be anything from something familiar to something unimaginable! Here are just a few: Ghost Rider, Nova, Secret Warriors, Wolverine, Namor, Black Night, X-Men/Mutant series or an animated project.

It is currently unknown what Marvel Studios has planned that hasn’t been announced yet, but it is clear that the post-Infinity aga already includes 28 projects in the works consisting of theatrical releases, Disney+ original series, specials, shorts and other animated projects. With that being said, it looks like Marvel Studios has enough projects planned until at least 2026.

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