What to Pack for a Theme Park Trip

Often when people from all around the world are traveling, they mainly travel to theme parks. However, there are many things that you usually might not think about when traveling to a theme park or amusement park that you might want to know before planning your next trip! Today, I will be reviewing what to pack for a theme park trip accordingly.

Let’s get into it!

  • Comfortable Clothing – It is important to pack comfortable clothes depending on the weather in the region. Many parts of the world such as Western United States, South America, Africa, and some parts of Asia are known for being very hot (80-100°F degrees) during the summer months (May-October). I recommend wearing short sleeves and shorts when traveling to any theme park during warmer months!
  • Comfortable Shoes – Comfortable shoes are just as important as comfortable clothing when visiting a theme/amusement park. When visiting a theme park the best shoe selection would be sneakers, because shoes like flip flops or slide-on slippers are very loose. Flip flops are big mistake when visiting theme parks especially if you are a roller coaster fan!
  • Hats – When visiting a theme park during the warm & humid months there is usually not much shade available in the open area. I would advice you wear a hat or head wear of some sort when visiting a theme/amusement park or purchasing some during your stay!
  • Small Bags – Smaller string bags can come in handy when visiting tourist attractions not just because of the comfort, but because it is easily accessible and can hold several items at one time if needed. These type of bags are best for holding your refreshments, cameras, cell phones, wallets, sunglasses or other loose items when walking around to make sure you don’t lose anything! This is a total life saver!!!
  • Camera – Cameras are an item that is always needed when traveling in order to capture photos to remember your favorite memories! Throughout the decades, cell phones became more widespread and allow you to snap some photos of your own as well, but if you’d rather use a camera works too!
  • Sunscreen – Sunscreen is a necessity when it comes to traveling period. You can be traveling to a coastal beach destination, to the mountain ranges, or amusement parks with the family… but you still need sunscreen. Too much exposure to the sun can cause serious skin problems in the long run and sun burns can sometimes be painful! So I would recommend applying some sunscreen before leaving your home for a trip!
  • Portable Charger – Sometimes when you are busy making dinner reservations, confirming your tickets, booking hotel rooms, and posting on social media during a theme park trip your phone usually ends up dying quickly! I would suggest carrying a portable charger that is fully charged and your cell phone charger plug in order to charge your phone when you’re on the go and in need of a quick charge!

These are just several of the items you should bring with you during a theme park trip with friends, family or even alone! If you would like more posts like this please leave a comment down below or message me on social media! You can support World Travel With Matt by recommending my website to others you know, bookmarking this page to your web browser or following me on Instagram @worldtravelwithmatt & Twitter @Instatrav1. I hope you all have a great day and I will see you all real soon!

Photo Courtesy: Insider

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