Best Times To Visit Walt Disney World in 2021

Due to the global pandemic we are currently facing, many people around the world have travel restrictions, can’t afford tickets, or might just be limiting their spending during this unprecedented time. Others are wondering whether 2021 would be a good time to visit Walt Disney World. Nobody knows for sure what is going to happen in 2021, as none of us have a crystal ball (sometimes I wish I had one 😉 ) However, lets imagine there for a moment that Covid-19 is gone and nothing stands on our way to have a perfect, magical vacation at Disney World. So the next thing you do, is you pack your bags and of you go! NO WAIT!!!! Don’t ever do that with Disney vacation! This place is something else than just going to the beach, mountains or perhaps a short visit to Grandma’s house. You are investing so much $$$$ in this trip so plan it right. If you plan it right, I can assure you going to have an unforgettable experience in the World’s happiest place on Earth. Today, As the year of 2020 is coming to an end, I will suggest the best days/months for you to visit Walt Disney World Resort in 2021.

Lets get into it!

Worst Weeks To Visit Walt Disney World

My advice for ALL travelers planning going to Walt Disney World is to PLEASE do not visit Disney or any theme park during any holiday weekends. Many travelers love to go on vacation during these weekends so if you would like to enjoy your stay instead of experiencing a nightmare, than avoid these days! Remember I WARNED YOU!

Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend: January 15-18

Valentine’s Day/President’s Day: February 12-15

Mardi Gras Week: February 15-18

Princess Half Marathon: February 18-23

Spring Break: March 13-31  Very bad crowds!

Memorial Day Weekend- May 28-31

Fourth of July Week: July 1-5

Labor Day Weekend: September 3-6

Columbus Day Weekend: October 9-11

Thanksgiving Week: November 21-27 Bad crowds!

Christmas Season: December 19-31 Historically the worst crowds!!!

Best Weeks to Visit Walt Disney World

September is the BEST month to go!

Any day after September 7th is predicted to be fewer crowds.


The first half of the month is also predicted to have fewer crowds.


The first two weeks of November are predicted to be less crowded.


The first two weeks of December are also projected to be less crowded.


The second half of the month is when you can snag tickets with no crowds.


The first two weeks of the month are the less crowded weeks.


The second half of the month is usually clearer.


The first three weeks of the month.


The last two weeks of the month are pleasant as many kids are back in schools.


If you really need to visit Disney theme parks in the summer months just remember summer months are usually VERY, VERY hot and crowded at Disney World in Florida. I would really advice visiting the Disney Parks in the early weeks of June or in the late weeks of August, because they usually seem to be the least crowded from what I have seen. I know many of you thing that it would be extra magical to spend Christmas Holiday at Disney! Yes I have to admit, it is very special with lights, bells and Christmas music everywhere. But keep in mind the crowds are terrible during this time, although weather is much more pleasant.

At the end it is your choice when to go and don’t loose the Magic!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and I will see you very soon!


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