Best Streaming Services in 2021

Streaming services were always popular with every age group in the United States and around the world since the early 2000’s. Since then, Netflix seems to be the king of all streaming services, but many more streaming services such as Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, Apple TV+ and more were added and the streaming service empire is growing rapidly! Today, I will be ranking the best streaming services in 2021, and the price for each of them!

Let’s get into it!

1. Netflix

Price: $8.99 USD/month. (Basic Plan) or $13.99 USD/month. (Standard Plan).


2. Disney+

Owned by Disney.

Price: $8.00 USD/month.


3. HBO Max

Price: $15.00 USD/month.


4. Amazon Prime Video

Credit: Soda

Price: $8.99 USD/month. or FREE for Prime Members


5. Hulu

Owned by Disney.

Price: $5.99 USD/month. or $69.99 USD/month. (Hulu + Live TV)


6. Paramount+ (Previously known as CBS All Access)

Credit: TVLine

Price: $6.00 USD/month. or $10.00 USD/month. (Premium)


7. Sling TV

Credit: Sling

Price: $35 USD/month.


8. Apple TV+

Credit: Polygon

Price: $4.99/month.


9. Fubo TV

Credit: FinSMEs

Price: $64.99 USD/month. (Family Plan) or $79.99 USD/month. (Elite Plan)


10. Crackle

Credit: Signal Horizon

Price: FREE


11. AMC+

Credit: Sling TV

Price: $7.00-9.00 USD/month.


12. Crunchyroll

Credit: Comicbook

Price: $7.99 USD/month.


13. Peacock

Credit: Peacock

Price: $4.99 USD/month.


14. YouTube TV

Credit: Allconnect

Price: $64.99 USD/month.


15. Discovery+

Credit: Discovery+ Press

Price: $4.99 USD/month. or $6.99 (Commerical-free viewing)


16. ESPN+

Credit: ESPN Press Room

Price: $5.99 USD/month. or $59.99 USD/year


17. Xumo

Credit: Cord Cutters News

Price: FREE


These are just a handful of the new streaming services that launched throughout the early 2000’s and early 2020’s. The prices may vary but it all depends on the amount of content and the quality of the content! If you would like to hear more about streaming services please comment down below! Also, if you would like to support WTWM or stay up-to-date with the latest information you can follow me on Instagram @worldtravelwithmatt & on Twitter @Instatrav1. I hope you have a great day and I will see you all real soon!

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