Hidden Mickey’s at Walt Disney World – Part 2

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There are many secrets at the Walt Disney World Resort such as Hidden Mickey’s, Club 33 apartments, and ride details that many guests don’t know about or simply don’t notice! If you are one of those curious people who is wondering where to find these hidden details than I recommend this article for you! Today I am going to be helping you spot some of the Hidden Mickey’s located within several attractions, restaurants, and themed lands throughout Disney World!

Let’s get into it!

What Are Hidden Mickey’s?

Hidden Mickey’s had started in the late 1970s when Disney’s Epcot was being built. Epcot was meant to have alcoholic beverages, therefore no Disney characters could be incorporated into the park. So Walt Disney Imagineering started incorporating small Mickey Mouse silhouettes throughout the park. Ever since this small change came to Epcot Center, it has been incorporated throughout all of the parks in the Walt Disney World Resort.

How To Find Hidden Mickey’s?

The first tip is to just look around! Hidden Mickey’s are purposely well hidden! Hidden Mickey’s usually match the decor and theme of the areas, but it’s a true thrill to find a Hidden Mickey!

Here are some HIDDEN Mickey’s to get your hunt started:

Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

When riding the wildest ride in the wilderness it may be a bit tricky to spot this hidden Mickey at such a high speed! But if you pay attention real closely, you might be able to spot the three rusty gears laying on the grass in a shape of Mickey silhouette as you reenter the station.



Carousel of Progress

When riding the iconic Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, I strongly advice you to pay attention to the final scene. During the last scene find the Mickey Nutcracker, the Mickey Mouse doll, and the Mickey shaped object on the kitchen counter. There you will find another hidden Mickey!


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Jungle Cruise

While paying attention to some of the exotic scenery and animals on the Jungle Cruise, don’t get too distracted or you may miss the best part of the attraction (the hidden detail). On the Jungle Cruise attraction, one of the most notable props is the half of a plane, where you can also find a small hidden Mickey on the side by the rocks! This one may be a bit tricky to spot, but let me know if you find this one!





Gran Fiesta Tour

While riding on the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction, you pass by several funny & cultural scenes. The one I ask you specifically should pay attention to is the arrangement of 3 clay pots in the marketplace scene.


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Spaceship Earth

When riding on the Spaceship Earth attraction it is sometimes dark, so it may be hard to find hidden Mickey silhouettes. However, if you look very closely at the Renaissance Italy scene you can find a hidden Mickey if you look on the page of the book behind the sleeping monk.


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The American Adventure

When walking through the American Adventure pavilion you can find a painting of a wagon train heading west. If you look above the front leg of the foremost oxen you can find the hidden Mickey!

Hollywood Studios

Muppet Vision 3D

During the Muppet Vision 3D show, if you pay attention to the final balloon scene you will find a hidden Mickey!

Star Tours

When you enter and walk through the queue of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue ride, you will easily spot the “phone directory” sign at front. There you can also find a hidden Mickey!

The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror

Just before you head into the Tower of Terror and scream to death, make sure to check out the main balcony design!

Animal Kingdom


At the Dinosaur attraction’s entrance you will find a wall mural. Under that wall mural will be three “floating” water lines. You can find a hidden Mickey there!

The Boneyard

At the Boneyard, specifically look for the fan with two hard hats at the Wooly mammoth dig site.

Harambe Village

To the right of the Tamu Tamu Refreshments, pay attention to the utility cover with pebbles in the ground forming the Mickey Mouse ears!

There are so many, over a handful of Hidden Mickey’s in every Disney World park, and resort. It’s a challenge that can sometimes become stressful, but in the end the feeling of finding a Hidden Mickey really pays off! If you would like to support WTWM or stay-up-to date with the latest updates please follow me on Instagram @worldtravelwithmatt and on Twitter @Instatrav1. I hope you all have a great day and I will see you all real soon!

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