Current 50th Anniversary Changes at Walt Disney World – Part 3

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Over the years, Disney’s theme parks and resorts located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida have gone through many remarkable and exciting changes that every visitor has enjoyed! However, if you stayed up to date with the most recent WDW news you should know that the Walt Disney Company will be celebrating the “the world’s most magical celebration,” the 50th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort starting in October 2021 and will last 18 months. Today, I will be reviewing the latest Disney news about the new plans for the parks icons!

Let’s get into it!

The preparation leading up to the 50th birthday of Walt Disney World included the Cinderella Castle getting a new paint job, new entry design. several new attractions, and a new color scheme that can be seen throughout the entire resort that Disney officials call EARidescence.

EARidescence Theme

Guests will mainly get to see the EARidescence theme shown off by characters wearing beautifully designed 50th anniversary costumes, Disney Parks merchandise, and the park icons (Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, Tower of Terror, and Tree of Life).

EARidescence Costmes

Mickey and Minnie Mouse will be the main characters that can be seen in the Disney Parks that will be wearing their new 50th costumes. Mickey Mouse will be wearing old shoes, an EARidescent suit, EARidescent bow tie and to top it all of he will be wearing a 50th anniversary pin on his jacket. Minnie Mouse will be wearing her iconic bow in gold, gold shoes, white gloves and an EARidescent colored dress. They will be seen at meet & greets, parades, stage shows, and other 50th anniversary events wearing these costumes.


Park Icons

You will get a chance to view the special color scheme at the 4 park icons when they will light up every evening, and will each display the EARidescence theme. In Magic Kingdom, the Cinderella Castle will be lit up with the EARidescence theme, pixie dust, and will decorated with charms and gold ribbons. In Epcot, the corners on Spaceship Earth will reflect the EARidescence theme as it is lit up with beautiful spotlights. In Hollywood Studios, the Hollywood Hotel: Tower of Terror will be lit up with the EARidescence by spotlights. In Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life will be lit up with the magical EARidescence color scheme as well.

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