Top 10 Attractions at Aquatica Waterpark in Orlando

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Sea World Orlando is one of the best theme parks located in the state of Florida. It is known for it’s AMAZING Jewel of the Sea Aquarium, thrill attractions, and animal experiences! The Sea World theme park in Orlando is also home to a waterpark called Aquatica Orlando. This waterpark contains something for everyone with thrill, family, and fun attractions! Today I am going to be discussing the top 10 attractions at Aquatica Orlando you should check out!

Let’s get into it!

Attractions at Aquatica Orlando

  1. KareKare Curl – KareKare Curl is a thrill water slide where half of the slide is indoor and half of the slide is outdoor. Guests quickly slip and slide through the indoor colorful segment on a family raft before plummeting down into the huge curl where they get shot up into the air where they will feel the feeling of weightlessness.
  2. Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores – Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores are the wave pools located at the center of the Aquatica waterpark. As guests stand in the wave pool side-by-side they are swept off their feet by the powerful waves that are generated every so often! It is advised that every swimmer in the wave pool wears a life vest for their safety.
  3. Loggerhead Lane – Loggerhead Lane is the lazy river portion of the waterpark. As guests hop onto donut shaped single rider rafts, they are swept away by the relaxing waves and through the beautiful aquatic scenery. Multiple guests may bump into each other on this attraction and you might get separated from your family or friends during this incredibly relaxing journey!
  4. Roa’s Rapids – Roa’s Rapids is another relaxing lazy river attractions where guests have more flexibility! On this attraction guests are required to wear a life vest in order to float on their back or stomachs as they float around the scenic river with others! The speed on this attraction is also pretty fast and the currents are strong. You might get separated from your friends or family along the way!
  5. Ray Rush – Ray Rush is a family raft ride that can seat several individuals at one time. On this attraction the raft has three ways to slide, splash, and soar! There are plenty of opportunities to get soaked as you make your way through this water slide adventure with others you know!
  6. Omaka Rocka – Omaka Rocka is a high-speed water slide where guests speed down the tube on a singular rider raft and sway up and down the funnels on each side of the water slide! This is a great water slide for those guests that enjoy a bit of a thrill and some fun splashes!
  7. Tassie’s Twisters – Tassie’s Twisters is a double rider raft water slide where guests slide down a very long tube and into a huge colorful funnel where they spin around until the plummet into the main pool creating a great splash! This is a fun attraction to enjoy with friends or family at Aquatica!
  8. Walhalla Wave – Walhalla Wave is a family raft ride that take you through many twists, turns, and spins as guests fully immerse themselves in the fun of the water slide maze! This water slide can seat multiple guests and is always best with company!
  9. Whanau Way – Whanau Way is a double rider raft water slide and takes guests through a high-speed adventure through many twists and turns! Guests often enjoy this water slide most with company, and often makes people feel closer as they slide on a double raft together on a high-speed slide.
  10. Taumata Racer – Taumata Racer is a beloved high-speed racing water slide with multiple lanes. This attraction only allows one guests to participate per slide, and requires guests to lay down flat on their stomachs on a blue mat as the plummet into the main pool with a grand splash awaiting them!

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