Top 10 Attractions at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Waterpark

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Disney’s Blizzard Beach is the second waterpark located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. This waterpark provides guests with the feel of thrill and a winter blizzard as they fully immerse themselves in the blizzard theme the waterpark offers. In today’s blog, I wanted to discuss some of the top attractions at Disney’s Blizzard Beach waterpark and help people from all around the world plan their trips accordingly.

Let’s get into it!

Top 10 Attractions

  1. Cross Country Creek – Cross Country Creek is the river rapids attraction located in Blizzard Beach. It is a great family-friendly experience where you can sit back and relax as the water moves you through the great scenery throughout the river rapids trail and past others along the way! This is a great way to relax and possibly say hello to someone you don’t know!
  2. Melt-Away Bay – Melt-Away Bay is Blizzard Beach’s iconic wave pool where guests can nearly surf the waves when they come flying at them! The waves might not be as rough like you can experience at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon waterpark… although the waves can sometimes get a bit bumpy here and there!
  3. Snow Stormers – On this water slide, guests make their way down the tube as they race their opponents before sliding into the main pool and making a big splash! This slide is 350 feet long and one guests can slide in one of the 3 tubes at a time. Although, please be aware that this attraction may be fast and may include some small drops.
  4. Slush Gusher – The Slush Gusher is a 90 foot tall high speed waterside located near the middle of the waterpark next to Summit Plummet. This waterslide seats one person at a time, contains two small hills, and small drops. I most definitely do not recommend this attraction to anyone afraid of heights, or doesn’t like drops.
  5. Runoff Rapids – Runoff Rapids are a set of two waterslides that are very similar to the Malibu Pipeline attraction at Water Country USA. Guests slide through one of the two outdoor slides and experience many loops, twists and turns before landing in the main pool.
  6. Teamboat Springs – Teamboat Springs is a family raft ride that sits up to six riders, and slides them through 1,2oo feet of twists, turns and beautiful scenery. I really recommend this attraction for groups of friends or family members looking to have some fun!
  7. Downhill Double Dipper – Downhill Double Dipper is another thrill and very high speed waterslide. With one guest sliding per raft, guests slide through a black hole and plummet all the way down to the 50 foot splash! This is also an attraction I do not recommend for those who are afraid of drops.
  8. Summit Plummet – Summit Plummet is the main attraction and serves as the icon at this waterpark. This is the tallest and longest freefall waterslide in the waterpark and requires guests to put their arms in an “x” motion as they hold on tight!
  9. Toboggan Racers – Toboggan Racers is a racing slide attraction. Guests lay flat on their stomach’s as their mats guide them down the hills and all the way down to the main pool! Please note: this attraction requires guests to lay their stomach’s down on a mat and hold on tight as they slide down some hills with bumps and small drops.
  10. Chairlift – The chairlift attraction at Blizzard Beach is very similar to those located at ski resorts or mountain areas. Each lift has one bench going straight across and can hold up to 2 people or more depending on your size. This chairlift takes you above the grounds of the park and provides guests with the perfect view of every attraction!

Down below I listed several attractions under different categories to help families and groups of friends plan their trip accordingly!

Attractions For Young Children

  • Tike’s Peak – This area is home to many hands on experiences and attractions for younger children. Tike’s Peak is a location filled with miniature slides, side-by-side downhill slides, and snow shutes. If your child is scared of big and fast waterslides, or isn’t old enough to experience them yet… feel free to come to this section of the waterpark for some splashing fun!
  • Ski Patrol Training Camp – The Ski Patrol Training Camp is an obstacle course for children and requires them to use many hands on skills and thinking so that they can make their way across the icy pathways! I recommend this area for younger children or for having fun with obstacle courses!
  • Cross Country Creek

Family Friendly Attractions

  • Melt-Away Bay
  • Cross Country Creek
  • Chairlift
  • Teamboat Springs

Thrill Attractions

  • Downhill Double Deeper
  • Runoff Rapids
  • Slush Gusher
  • Snow Stormers
  • Summit Plummet
  • Toboggan Racers
  • Teamboat Springs

Listed above are full descriptions I created for each of the attractions at Disney’s Blizzard Beach waterpark and I hope you find them useful when planning your next fun filled vacation with those you care about most! If you enjoyed today’s blog please leave a comment below or you can support World Travel With Matt blog by following me on Instagram and Twitter @worldtravelwithmatt & @Instatrav1. Have a great day and I will see you all real soon!

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