Details on New Universal’s Epic Universe Rides & More!

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Universal Studios Orlando Resort is one of the most popular theme parks in Florida, and is home to 2 theme parks, 1 waterpark, as well as a shopping district similar to Disney Springs. An announcement was made in August of 2019 that Universal has purchased more land south of their other parks, and it will become a brand new theme park. In today’s blog I will be narrowing down what new themed lands and attractions guests could expect to see when this park opens to the public in a few years!

Please Note: Some of these themed lands and attractions are just rumors and may not become a reality. Please do not expect to see all of what I say below come true, but some of it still may come true due to this park still being in it’s early development stages. I will make sure to keep you all updated with any new details or rumors in the future!

Let’s get into it!

4 Themed Lands

  • Super Nintendo World – Super Nintendo World was originally supposed to replace the Woody Woodpecker’s themed land at Universal Studios Orlando, but this plan was scrapped and moved to the Epic Universe Park. In this themed land you will find 3 attractions: the Yoshi attraction, a Mario Kart attraction, and a Donkey Kong mine cart coaster. You will also find a cafe and several merchandise shops as guests fully immerse themselves in the world of Nintendo.
  • Universal Studios Monsters – There is not much information available about this rumored land, although, you will find references to all of the Universal Studios Monsters such as: Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and many others. Universal may create one attraction featuring all the classic monsters, but they may decide to create multiple instead. I’ll keep you updated.
  • Fantastic Beasts – The third themed land at Epic Universe was supposed to be dedicated to the 3rd Wizarding World of Harry Potter land, but instead it is rumored to become a Fantastic Beasts themed land. This land will immerse guests into the world of Fantastic Beasts through it’s 1920’s Parisian themed cityscape. There may be 1-2 attractions and a restaurant offering in this area but it is still unknown. I will definitely keep you updated on any new developments or rumors!
  • Dreamwork’s How to Train Your Dragon – This Dreamwork’s How to Train Your Dragon themed land is rumored to be home to up to three themed attractions: a roller coaster that travels through many show buildings, a dark ride, and an outdoor boats attraction. Based off of concept art of this themed land, there seems to be several wooden buildings, and How to Train Your Dragon themed decorations.

In this theme park you can view the beautiful fountain show, book a hotel room at the resort and have a magnificent view of the park from your balcony, experience many great hands on family-friendly experiences! Keep in mind, many of the themed lands and attractions may change throughout further stages of the theme park’s construction developments, but I will keep you updated on anything that happens in the near future! If you liked today’s blog and would like to stay up-to-date with the latest information and news, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @worldtravelwithmatt and @Instatrav1. Have a great day and I hope to see you all real soon!



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