Disney’s Jungle Cruise Attractions Are Getting An Update

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During the spring and summer months during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we were going a tough time with racism and equality in the United States and around the world. Many Disney fans felt that the Splash Mountain and the Jungle Cruise attractions were offensive and racist. Today I will be discussing how these beloved attractions will be re-themed and what the finish products will look like!

Let’s get into it!

A few months ago, Disney executives had announced that the Splash Mountain attractions in both Disney World and Disneyland will be replaced by the end of the year (2021) and re-themed to a brand new Princess and the Frog attraction due to racist references. A similar argument had occurred with the Jungle Cruise attractions in both parks and they will also be re-themed by the end of the year as well.

Disney Imagineers stated that the Jungle Cruise attractions will be getting an update to remove the problematic “native” characters and other racist references on the attraction. This new re-theme will include varieties of new animals, a new skipper character, and a scene where the skipper’s boat gets overtaken by chimpanzees.

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Just to make it clear the beloved Jungle Cruise attractions are not getting completely re-themed like Splash Mountain, however, some scenes will be changed. All of these changes are recieving mixed reactions but let me know what you think down below! If you liked today’s blog and you would like to support me, you can follow me on Twitter @Instatrav1 and Instagram @worldtravelwithmatt. I hope you all have a great day and I hope to see you all real soon!

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