Hidden Mickey’s at Walt Disney World

Have you walked around the Disney theme parks and wondering what is that detail that looks like a Mickey Mouse? Well, you’re in luck because today I will be reviewing the Hidden Mickey concept that many guests haven’t heard about. I will only be listing the popular ones around the parks, but there are still hundreds, if not thousands more that are hidden and ready to be discovered!

What Are Hidden Mickey’s?

Tons of guests that travel to Disney Parks and locations around the United States but never notice these small details. Hidden Mickey’s had started in the late 1970s when Disney’s Epcot was being built. Epcot was meant to have alcoholic beverages, therefore no Disney characters could be incorporated into the park. So Walt Disney Imagineering started incorporating small Mickey Mouse silhouettes throughout the park.

Ever since Disney has incorporated them into the Epcot park in the Walt Disney World Resort they decided to start incorporating them into all the theme parks. The Walt Disney World Resort is the only area you can find the Hidden Mickey silhouette concept. So when you walk around the theme parks, keep an eye out for hidden Mickey’s everywhere you go! Who knows you may discover one!

How Do You Find Hidden Mickey’s?

The first tip is to just look around! Hidden Mickey’s are purposely well hidden! Hidden Mickey’s usually match the decor and theme of the areas, but it’s a true thrill to find a Hidden Mickey!

Here are some Hidden Mickey’s for starters:

Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion

At the Haunted Mansion, you will be greeted by your one and only ghost host, and company. When you ride the attraction you will find the iconic Ballroom scene. In this scene on the table, you will find a surprising and spooky table arrangement!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

At the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you meet the friendly dwarfs from the Snow White classic singing their iconic song as they are in the mine. Right before the big climb, you should be able to look to your right and find a gemstone shaped like Mickey Mouse. The ride goes pretty fast, so make sure you don’t miss it!

It’s A Small World

It’s A Small World has tons of handfuls of Hidden Mickey’s around the attraction, you just really have to try to pay attention and try to not get distracted by the music.


Theme Park Tourist




When you are experiencing Soarin’ don’t forget to really pay attention to the ending of the show when you are still heightened. When the fireworks scene happens pay attention to over the iconic Spaceship Earth and you will find another not-so Hidden Mickey.


The Walt Disney World Company is highly known for adding Mickey Mouse shaped landscaping to their properties. Such as Theme Parks and hotels. While your having fun with your family and friends exploring Epcot, stop by World Showcase and you may find Hidden Mickey’s in the flowers or bushes nearby!

Test Track

When you are standing in the queue while waiting to get on Test Track you will find an area with various car parts, hoses, and more all coming together to create Hidden Mickey’s. You can also find more Hidden Mickey’s along the track when you are on the attraction itself.

Flickr – Edward Russell


Hollywood Studios

Rock n’ Roller Coaster

When you are about to board the attraction if you are standing in the correct spot you could be able to find a tile with one, two, or more of Hidden Mickey’s.

Toy Story Mania!

When you are at this attraction you will notice a familiar outline around where Jessie, Rex and Bullseye are standing. There are more Hidden Mickey’s around the attraction when you are walking around the queue for the attraction.


Flickr – Rosemary & Neil


Animal Kingdom

Festival of The Lion King

I learned that if you stare long enough you could possibly find some Hidden Mickey’s on the costumes of the characters, stages, or props. Who knows, there could be more!

Rafiki’s Planet Watch

If your serious about scavenger hunting for Hidden Mickey’s I would really recommend going to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. They have about 25 Hidden Mickey’s Scattered all over the area!

Conservation Station

When you go to the Conservation Station you may notice a few Mickey side profiles and Mickey Silhouettes hanging around there somewhere!


All Ears.net

Well, there are plenty more Hidden Mickey’s you should be sure to keep your eye out for all around the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida. If you enjoyed this blog post please leave a comment below, and make sure to check out my other posts like these!

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