What To Pack For A Hiking Trip

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If you are one of these people who enjoys hiking with others but don’t know what to bring this article is for you! One of the most beloved outdoor activities around the world is hiking. Many people around the world go hiking everyday but it is very important to make sure you know what to bring for the trip based off of the climate, weather, length of hiking trail, and many other factors. Today I will help you out by providing some information on what you should bring with you next time!

Let’s get into it!

What To Pack For A Hiking Trip

Water/beverages – When it comes to hiking depending on the length of the trail it can often get pretty exhausting. I would recommend bringing some portable water along with you so that when you get tired or thirsty you can take a small break and keep going!

Bags – I know when you read the title you may be thinking… “that seems pretty uncomfortable” but let me finish! I recommend bringing along a fanny pack or drawstring bag along with you on your hiking trip to carry your cell phone, portable charger, water bottles, your cell phone, and some spare cash in case it is needed.

Portable charger – Trust me when I say always bring a portable charger with you on any trips. It can often be a pain in the rear end when your phone dies in your pocket while driving, walking, or even on a vacation with your family. To prevent your cell phone from dying during trips you should turn off any unnecessary notifications in order for you phone to stay alive longer as well.

Bring some spare cash $$$ – It is really important to always carry some spare change with you when traveling because you never know when you might have to stop somewhere to buy some food, water, or other essentials. This is why when I travel or go on trips I always make sure to have some money with me just in case and I think you should do this as well!

Sneakers/walking shoes – I cannot stress this enough, when going on a hiking trip you should always bring along your WALKING shoes (sneakers that are comfortable). Dress shoes, flip flops, heels, and shoes like Vans are not always the best shoes for hiking. I would recommend wearing stronger workout shoes that are comfortable on your feet for long distance walking.

Wear comfortable clothes – Just like how I mentioned wearing comfortable workout shoes… you should also consider wearing comfortable clothes for hiking. Depending on the weather or season, in the winter you can wear sweatpants, but in the spring, summer, and fall seasons I would recommend wearing shorts and flexible shirts. Hiking can often become uncomfortable when wearing multiple layers or jackets so please go hiking when it is warmer outside.

Hats – You should definitely wear a hat to prevent your head from too much exposure to the sun. Some hiking areas are open without trees, while other hiking area might be closed and covered by trees. Either way I would suggest researching the area you are hiking at before you go there so you are already prepared ahead of time.

Sun screen/bug spray- Depending on the season, if you are hiking in an open area that is hot during the summer, I would recommend applying sunscreen to your screen so you do not get burnt by the suns harmful rays. The second thing that is important while hiking is wearing BUG SPRAY!!!! In the spring, summer, and fall months bugs such as mosquitoes are the most active and biting visitors.

These are definitely some of the objects you should bring when going on a hiking trip whether you go individually or with someone else. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, if you did please bookmark my website and follow me on Twitter @Instatrav1 and Instagram @worldtravelwithmatt. Thank you for all the overwhelming support and I will see you all real soon!

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