Disney’s The Hall of President’s Attraction Is Now Introducing The 46th President Joe Biden

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In the United States, citizens elect a new president every 4 years, unless the current president is re-elected. The 2020 election was a very controversial and important election between incumbent President Donald Trump, and Former Vice President Joe Biden. This election took place during the coronavirus pandemic, and had the largest voter turnout in the history of U.S elections.

After Joe Biden had officially won the election and defeated President Trump, the next step was the Presidential Inaguaration that is held every 4 years. Tuesday morning was a very historic day for the United States and was recognized all around the world. The vice president-elect Kamala Harris and President-elect Joe Biden were sworn in as the 49th Vice President and 46th President of the United States.

Guests left the Magic Kingdom park one day not expecting the Hall of Presidents attraction to close, but the next day when guests entered the park the attraction was closed with an sign in front of it reading: “This attraction is temporarily closed and getting ready for the new president.” The new additions to the Hall of President’s attraction might include new voiceovers, a new president animatronic, and new presentations.

I am very excited for this upcoming change and cannot wait to see what happens when this attraction reopens! If you enjoyed today’s blog please make sure to follow us on Twitter @instatrav1 and Instagram @worldtravelwithmatt. Have a great day and I’ll see you again real soon!

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