Partial of the Ratatouille France Pavilion Expansion in Epcot Is Now Open To The Public

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I am sure many of you Disney fans have been keeping track of this expansion progress throughout the months as much as we have… although, today we have great news regarding the future reopening of the Ratatouille attraction, pavilion and more coming to Epcot!

Let’s get into it!

The second Disney theme park in Florida was originally known as the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow based off of what Walt Disney had dreamt of and in result, the theme park has continued changing ever since! Over the years the park has received many new restaurants, attractions, scenery, and  shows!

Recently one of the expansions that were planned for EPCOT was the Ratatouille expansion. This Ratatouille pavilion is going to include the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction, walk though scenic area, restrooms and a Crêperie selling delicious authentic French crêpes!



Today, partial of this brand new Ratatouille pavilion had opened to the public and was reported by several Disney news outlets! This part that had opened to the public today was the scenic walk through part near the entry to the Ratatouille pavilion that includes restrooms and a perfect view of the Disney Skyliner. The area leading to the Ratatouille attraction and Crêperie is still blocked off with construction walls, but is expected to open to the public sometime in 2021.

I really can’t wait to check out the view myself, and I hope you enjoy it as well! If you enjoyed today’s blog and would like to stay up to date with the lastest news, and more please consider following us on Twitter @instatrav1 & Instagram @worldtravelwithmatt. Have a great day and I will see you real soon!

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