How the Coronavirus Pandemic Affected Every Business & Family Worldwide

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This past year the Coronavirus Pandemic has affected many families and businesses around the world in many ways such as closures, bankruptcy’s, restrictions, layoff’s, and more! The year has passed and we can only pray that this ongoing pandemic starts to come to an end. Today, I will be discussing how the pandemic had affected every business and family worldwide.

Let’s get into it!

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Affected Businesses & Families

  • Business Closures – Due to the Coronavirus restrictions that countries have implemented in March 2020, and are still in place, some businesses had to close for the safety of their customers. This means that many stores and restaurants were only able to use online ordering platforms to make money.
  • COVID-19 Guidelines & Restrictions – When the virus had become widespread throughout many nations in the world, several started implementing restrictions such as entertainment closures, borders closures, quarantine restrictions, virtual classes for students, social distancing measures, mask mandates, and reminders so citizens remember to follow the guidelines.
  • Bankruptcy – While more than a handful of businesses in the travel, retail, entertainment, hospitality and other industries remained closed to the public, several had suffered from chapter 11 bankruptcy’s because they weren’t making any money. For example: movie theaters, arcades, & bars.
  • Layoffs & Unemployment – When many bankruptcy’s were occurring loads of businesses had to “temporarily” layoff employees or permanently furlough their employees leaving them unemployed from days to weeks, and weeks to months. This left many employees either looking for new jobs in different industries and many families suffering from financial difficulties.
  • Working & Learning From Home – With Coronavirus cases rising around the world, some businesses let adults work from home on their devices & utilize video calls for communication. However, children around the world also have to stay at home under Coronavirus restrictions utilizing video calls & various websites for submitting assignments. It is still unknown how long this will last, but it is certain this will last for some time.

As you can see, during the ongoing pandemic many restrictions have been put in place, and closures have occurred. Reading all of this we are all certain that our lives have changed in a negative way, but let’s all remember that this will be all over soon! Keep following the Coronavirus guidelines and stay safe! Please consider following us on Instagram @worldtravelwithmatt & Twitter @Instatrav1 to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates! I hope you all have a great day!


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