Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes Americans Eat

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Wondering what many Americans eat with family while gathered on Thanksgiving? Well here is your answer! Today, I put together a list of traditional Thanksgiving main courses and side dishes, and I hope this helps you this holiday season!

Let’s get into it!

Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes

  1. Turkey/Chicken
  2. Mashed Potatoes
  3. Macaroni & Cheese
  4. Variety of salads
  5. Cranberries
  6. Pumpkin/Apple Pies
  7. Gravy
  8. Corn
  9. Biscuits
  10. Green Beans

These are 10 of many popular traditional Thanksgiving dishes in the United States, and I hope you use some of these to enjoy your holiday! Please come back again tomorrow for another fall themed blog, and have a great day!

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